venerdì 23 febbraio 2018

Love another day, by Lexi Blake

Love another day, by Lexi Blake

Might not know who I was, but I know who I want to be.
Pag 261

"You can't fix someone. That's not what love does. Love can make a person want to fix himself. That's the key". He frowned at his wife. "I said love. I want to vomit."
She smiled up brilliantly at him. "You go ahead, babe. I know how hard that is for  you. But you're right. You couldn't force me to walk into the light. I lived in darkness, but when I met  you, I wanted that light. I wanted you so badly I had to fix my world to have you".
P 251

I have been told I should sometimes let karma handle things.
P 261

Sometimes the universe deals us shitty cards and how we  handle it is how we'll be judged.
P 264

She'd survived. She might have made  a lot of mistakes along the way, but she'd survived and come through the other side.
She'd become a woman who thought of others first, who put kindness above self-interest. Who sacrificed herself.
Who needed to let a man love her so all those good things she did didn't mean she gave  up a life  of happiness.
P 264

lunedì 19 febbraio 2018

Album fotografici autocomposti

Album fotografici autocomposti e realizzati in modo personale e creativo con un sistema facile ed intuitivo. Buonissima qualità ed eccellente risultato!

Saal-Digital Fotoservice GmbH
Zeppelinstraße 36
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Amministratori: Reinhard Saal, Robin Saal, Tim Saal, Florian Stellwag

domenica 11 febbraio 2018

Shadow's end, di Thea Harrison

Shadow's End (Elder Races, #9)Shadow's End by Thea Harrison
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Quando iniziavo a temere che questa serie non potesse più per me raggiungere gli alti esiti dei primi libri, per fortuna questa storia, più introspettiva e con personaggi più finemente descritti, mi ha sollevata. La si segue davvero bene, crea empatia rispetto ai personaggi, riprende figure importanti, non eccede nel lato sensuale se non nell'ultima parte, ha qualche tocco introspettivo e riflessivo di grande gusto.
Thea Harrison ha ancora qualcosa da dirci.

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She paused and unexpectedly stroked her fingers down the feathers of his neck.
He froze. She couldn't know how intimate that seemed, or how sensitive he was to her touch even through the sleek covering of eagle feathers. Pleasure at being petted ran down his spine.
He should say something or step away. He did neither. Instead, ever so slightly, he leaned into her touch.
It was wrong of him, but his wrong button seemed to be broken, and he didn't care.
― Thea HarrisonShadow's End
Thea Harrison
“You did not walk away from those you loved. You fought for them, always, with everything you had, even if it meant fighting the long fight, and staying on the hardest, quietest, most difficult course.”
― Thea HarrisonShadow's End

lunedì 5 febbraio 2018


- Tu sei felice?
- Felice? (...) È la quiete dopo la tempesta...È felicità, o è soltanto sollievo?

The good wife

domenica 4 febbraio 2018

Election's misteries

Reverend  Hartshorn's face had puckered into a scowl. "This, er, passionate experience of the divine to which you lay claim is not  necessarily evidence  of salvation," he said, choosing his words carefully. According to his theology, election was an absolute mystery; however, the notion that this foul-smelling lout could lay claim to revelation seemed monstrous.

Anita Diamant, The last days of Dogtown, pag 72

sabato 3 febbraio 2018

Ghosts and cannibals

Mimba had been right about white people. The best thing was to treat them like ghosts and cannibals, not  to be trusted. But sometimes, a white ghost would look at you straight on, with a full smile, eye to eye. The smile  on the eye was the secret, Mimba had taught her. You had to be careful always, but every now and again you could act as though they had souls, too. Easter was one like that.

Anita Diamant, The last days of Dogtown, pag 47

venerdì 26 gennaio 2018

Ursula K. Le Guin

Sono in arrivo tempi duri, e avremo bisogno delle voci di scrittori capaci di vedere alternative al modo in cui viviamo ora, capaci di vedere, al di là di una società stretta dalla paura e dall'ossessione tecnologica, altri modi di essere, e immaginare persino nuove basi per la speranza. Abbiamo bisogno di scrittori che si ricordino la libertà. Poeti, visionari, realisti di una realtà più grande.

Ursula K. Le Guin

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