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Love overdue, di Pamela Morsi

Love OverdueLove Overdue by Pamela Morsi
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 stars for the cover, the preview and my expectation! I'm so fond of Pamela Morsi's books! (Written in may)

(Written in september) Well, now I have read it, and for me it's very good. I have loved all the characters, from the dog to the various people in this little town. I have loved so much some scenes: the scene in the wheat field, the retold words about the moon (my God, I understand so well why DJ reacts in that way!), the first meeting between the two at Padre Island, the harvest, the little chatting of the people! And the characters are very vividly described: the strenght and sorrow of Viv, the memory of his father's words and the sense of responsability of Scott, the little girl in the library, the lesbian couple, the ex-soldier with a lot of issues, the autistic library-worker...
Pamela Morsi has the talent to describe a real world, not with abstract concepts, but in the day-to-day routine, not with some epic demonstration, but in the minute and detailed telling. She describes life as it is, with an empathetic eye. And I like her way so much!
There are some humorous moments too. The dialogues are amazingly natural, realistic, enthralling. And, for me, the idea of denominating chapters with the nomenclature of Dewey sistem is wonderful!
I have also no complaint about the ending. Yes, it seems a little abrupt for the reader, but I have taken it as a sign of honesty from the author (NOT ALL has to be told, surely we have to respect the perspective of the author) and as...a sign of trust and reliance in the readers. Like to say: you are not a passive reader, have you not a mind, some imagination? So, I have appreciated this ending, perfect for two characters so private and introverted as Scott and DJ.
English words for this book: sparkle, wheat, library.

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