giovedì 16 aprile 2015

Things to do to celebrate life

I have found this question on an american writer's facebook page:

What do you think you'll do to celebrate life?

The writer was asking because in her latest romance there is a female character that has won a difficult battle against a disease (I don't remeber exactly what kind of...) and she wants to do things to celebrate life.

So, I'm pondering a similar question...

What I want to do to celebrate life?

So, yes, we have a long overdue list!
(Some of them I've already started doing or are doing in this time of my life!)

- Laugh with my child

- Grow with my child

- Live a true love

- Make love

- Plant a tree

- Read happiness-inspiring books

- Stop grieving about poverty

- Be more assertive

- Help others

- Find peace

- Be emphatic

- Fill your eyes and heart with beauty

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