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The joy of romance #5

 From the amazing Read a romance month!

Deeanne Gist


So when I was writing a scene in my latest release, Tiffany Girl, where an elderly character was, with some authority, to reveal the secret of a happy marriage, I called my dad and asked him what the secret was. He didn’t even hesitate with his answer.
“It’s when your spouse loves you more than he loves himself.”
I hung up the phone and sat in silence for a long time after that. So simple, and so complex. 

Rachel Hauck

I love this genre because it inspires women to love well. To wait for the good guy, you know?
“You’re worth it.”
The exchanged affirmed in me again the power of story and the power of romance.
I hope that young lady waits for her prince. I hope she chooses an honorable, good, hard-working man of faith. A man like the princes my stories.
Authors never really know the impact our stories have on others. But that day, I was blessed to have an up-close glimpse.
So enjoy the romance in your life. Search for the joys! And love well. It’s worth it.

12_10_TroubleWhenYouWalkedIn (1)

Kieran Kramer

Sometimes I wish I were one of the Joyful People—if it meant I could leave sparkles–but I keep forgetting to be. When I wake up in the morning, I might push a cat out of my face and think, “Oh, my God. Jack forgot to sign up for soccer camp. We’re screwed. And I’m still twenty pounds overweight, and I have to go to a conference in a month and I have no clothes that fit. F***!”
Yep, I’m one of those people, the ones who might go to hell for having a bad attitude. I was taught by (mostly scary) nuns, so I try very hard to be nice on the outside. But I find lots of things to complain about secretly, like the gum I stepped on in the parking lot or the price of gasoline or the mean girls at the PTA or the state of the world in general.
It’s because of this tendency toward crankiness that I need the joy of romance. When I read a romance, I go deeper. I remember that the truth is, I actually rock. Yes, me. The one who’s not the Joyful Person most of the time. Why do I rock? Because I know the most important thing: Love wins. That’s it. And it’s all I need to know.
Love will save me from my worst self every time. Love will save us all. We simply have to
stop and remember. We could stop right now…but it’s kind of boring to remember this way, right? Like it’s a lesson from the Barney show or one of the nuns (bless their hearts, they tried their best with me!).
Here’s the truth: I’d rather remember that love wins with some kind of excitement involved. Give me drama. Laughter and the good kind of tears. A hot sex scene!
The joy of reading and writing romance jolts me back into being the rocking Kieran who can put aside her nitpicking and focus on what’s really important. 
So thank you for making me a better person—thank you to everyone who celebrates with me the joy to be had in opening a book and reading a story in which love rules in a splendiferous way, a way that makes you sigh, chuckle, cry, and sometimes yell things out loud like, “Kristan Higgins, I love you!” or “I want this man!” or “Please, please jump in the sack, you two!” because yes—some romances are that good. Some romances bring that much joy, the kind that leaves sparkles all over us, sparkles we’ll leave in our wakes until we run short again and pick up another romance to replenish.
Sparkle on.

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