lunedì 28 dicembre 2015

Beautiful books and useful reviews

A beautiful book has humor, fun, steamy sex, intriguing plot, memorable characters; a fantastic book is fulfilling and cathartic.

Writing a review, focus on why others can love the book; on the characters, artwork, turns of the plot, message; tell if you hang on every word and if it has made a difference for you; write a review heartfelt and sincere, full of insight if it's possible.
The positive informations tell the readers if they are interested in the book or not.
Answer the questions:
- what makes this book different from all others?
- Why should anyone care?
- What is unique in this book?
Report facts accurately; write conversionally and not in reviewese; criticize the book, not the author; never review a book of a friend or an enemy; purge your work of anythin that you wouldn't say to your smartest friend.
Say what you alone can say about the book.
Find paper mentor, a great critic whose you love, read and repeat, hand copy to absorb the style, and then...create your own style.

(How to write a review, found in Net Galley).

For writing and storytelling:

historically accurate

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