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The sparrow, by Mary Doria Russell

From The sparrow, by Mary Doria Russell

The city gave its name to the power of patience - Romanità. Romanità excludes emotion, hurry, doubt. Romanità waits, sees the moment and moves ruthlessly when the time is right. Romanità rests on an absolute conviction of ultimate success and arises from a single principle, Cunctando regitur mundus: Waiting, one conquers all.
So, even after sixty years, Vincenzo Giuliani felt no sense of impatience with his inability to understand Emilio Sandoz, only a sense of how satisfying it would be when the wait paid off.
Pag 8

The house became his cave - a home where a Jesuit was welcome and relaxed and off-duty, where he could soak up energy instead of being drained of it. It was the first real home Emilio Sandoz had ever had.
Pag 34

I know this will sound glib, but don't pretend you  aren't feeling what you feel. That's how things slide into hell. Feelings are facts. Look straight at them and deal with them. Work it through, as honestly as you  can. If God is anything like a middle-class white chick from the suburbs, which I admit is a long shot, it's what you  do about what you  feel that matters. Maybe God will love you  more if you  come back to Him with your whole heart later.
Pag 38

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