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Love another day, by Lexi Blake

Love another day, by Lexi Blake

Might not know who I was, but I know who I want to be.
Pag 261

"You can't fix someone. That's not what love does. Love can make a person want to fix himself. That's the key". He frowned at his wife. "I said love. I want to vomit."
She smiled up brilliantly at him. "You go ahead, babe. I know how hard that is for  you. But you're right. You couldn't force me to walk into the light. I lived in darkness, but when I met  you, I wanted that light. I wanted you so badly I had to fix my world to have you".
P 251

I have been told I should sometimes let karma handle things.
P 261

Sometimes the universe deals us shitty cards and how we  handle it is how we'll be judged.
P 264

She'd survived. She might have made  a lot of mistakes along the way, but she'd survived and come through the other side.
She'd become a woman who thought of others first, who put kindness above self-interest. Who sacrificed herself.
Who needed to let a man love her so all those good things she did didn't mean she gave  up a life  of happiness.
P 264

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