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Lothaire, di Kresley Cole

Lothaire (Immortals After Dark, #12)Lothaire by Kresley Cole
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Primo libro della Cole letto in inglese, a parte la novella su Dani e Murdoch. Letto senza particolare difficoltà, quindi o la mia comprensione dell'inglese si è straordinariamente arricchita, o la Cole scrive con molto meno slang di quanto faceva prima.
Mi sono goduta ogni singola parola. Tutto così vivido! Personaggi, dialoghi, scene. Battute memorabili. Momenti eccitanti (tutte le volte che penso: ok, la Cole ormai non ha più nulla da esplorare nel campo dell'interazione sessuale...mi sbaglio di grosso!). La giusta dose di pathos. Una conclusione veloce (tipico della Cole, ed un aspetto che io amo molto, non mi piacciono le cose stentate e i lunghi patemi o le battaglie infinite). Due personaggi straordinariamente vividi. Un esemplare maschile che si è ritagliato uno dei posti d'onore nella classifica dei migliori di sempre (mica solo la MIA classifica). E non perché sia perfetto, o perché cambi per amore. Solo perché è così...Lothairistico.
Non perdetevelo!

(Lothaire to Elizabeth) “First of all, I'm not narcissistic." When she opened her lips to argue, he said, "I know Narkissos of Thespiae - while we might share traits, I came first, so he's Lothairistic, not the other way around.” (p.124)

(Lothaire to Thaddeus) “You are so naïve, it physically aggrieves me.” (p.110)

(Elizabeth) “I never knew I could hate someone as deeply as I do you.”
(Lothaire) “I often help others discover the outer limits of their hatred. It’s a talent of mine.” (p.144)

His debtors always assumed he'd demand their firstborn. Like I'm fucking Rumpelstiltskin? What would Lothaire do with countless squalling babes? Raise them in a kennel?

“Yes, peasants,” he repeated slowly. “The lowliest of the low among humans.” Then he enunciated, “Exceedingly backward and vulgar hillbillies.”
“Been called worse, mister.” At his raised brows, she exhaled impatiently. “Bootlegger, moonshiner, Elly May Clampett, mountain mama, redneck, backwoods Bessie, hick, trailer trash, yokel, and, more recently, death-row con.”
“No references to mining? I’m disappointed.”

(Lothaire) “Because fate would not slight me so unspeakably. I'd seek a noon-day sun if I were paired with one such as you."

"Such as me," she repeated blandly. She'd been mocked too often over her lifetime to take offense. Her skin was as thick as armor.

"Yes, you. An ignorant, mortal Kmart checkout girl." He took the sharpest knife from his place setting, absently turning it between his left thumb and forefinger.

"Kmart? I should have been so lucky. Those jobs were hard to come by. I worked at my uncle's outfitter shop."

"Then you're even worse. You're an outfitter checkout girl with aspirations for Kmart."

"Still better than a demon.”

“Ugly on the inside!” she'd screamed. “I could never love you!”
She truly hadn't fallen for him.
For him.
Which indicated that she was an idiot. He had no time or patience for them.

Apparently, he’d killed so many family members that he must have significantly affected the Lore’s population. Doing my part for the environment.

With my compliments.
You will never get your claws into another one of mine.
Rot in hell,
Nïx clasped her hands over her chest, sighing, “He gave you his heart. That’s so romantic. So much better than a candy heart. Those get stuck in the fangs, you know.”

When she absently worried her bottom lip with one of her adorable little fangs, he sighed.
The Enemy of Old fucking sighed.
Dear gods, it’d finally happened to him.
Then his own fangs sharpened. I will kill anyone who tries to take this feeling away from me.

Elizabeth is my happiness, he thought again. “I could hate her for what she did to me.”
(Nïx) “Because of one unsuccessful beheading?” She tapped her claw to her chin. “Wow. I never thought you were such a pussy. I’m rethinking our friendship.” (p.404)

(Nïx and Lothaire conversing)
“Have you no mate, female?” he’d asked, intrigued with her, though she was his natural enemy.
“I was betrothed to Loki for a time. Which did not proceed smoothly for obvious reasons. So for now I am an unrepentant manizer.” At Lothaire’s blank look, she’d said, “That will be amusing in the twenty-first century.”

(Nïx) “Lothaire, I’ve met dirt younger than we are”. (p.410)

(At Dacian’s castle) “I’m no expert with females”—the others rolled their eyes at that—“but I believe an attempted decapitation communicates the need for some space.”

(Elizabeth) “I’m just telling you that he’s known to be evil. I have no idea what he’s plotting.”
(Elizabeth’s Mama) “We ain’t exactly saints around here, Miss Glass House. Sakes, Ellie, when did you get to be so judgmental?”
My mother is disappointed in me for not making my vampiric marriage work. (p.424)

She seemed to soften at that, but then she asked, “Has anything really changed?”
“I've learned I need to consult you in matters, lest you decapitate me.”

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