giovedì 14 maggio 2015

Chocolate as act of care

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Everything, to me, can get condensed into a character’s work with chocolate: sensuality, intensity, passion, determination. Incredible energy and self-discipline and persistence. That drive to be the best and never be satisfied, always striving to be better. The levels of confidence, arrogance, and vulnerability needed to feed that drive and the way all that energy is focused on bringing pleasure.

Chocolate is a symbol of sensuality, of embracing life with passion and with all your senses.

I also think that chocolate, desserts, all food, are not only a metaphor for so many things that matter to us but that they also are those things. When you give someone food, it is not only a metaphor for caring, for wanting to bring that person pleasure, it is the actual act of care. It is sensual, inherently so, by definition. It is an act of self-sacrifice (I give you my food instead of feeding myself). It is an act of love.

Laura Florand


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