giovedì 20 luglio 2017

Silver Silence, di Nalini Singh

Bello, come ogni libro della serie, che si fa più complessa e matura, affrontando temi e sviluppi, anche della relazione d'amore, meno consueti rispetto all'inizio della serie e più approfonditi. Sicuramente è una delle serie urban fantasy che migliora e si arricchisce nel tempo, non perdendo nulla della freschezza originale, ma acquisendo maturità e spessore.
Come sempre brava Nalini, che non rifugge dalle complessità dei temi che solleva e sa affrontarli con grazia e passione.

His conscious tenderness made things deep inside her tug, melt. As if he were caressing her heart. Silver Silence 241.

Silver Mercant, he knew, would fight to the death, break all the rules, ignore every boundary, for those who were her own. Valentin wanted to be one of those people. 243.

Or perhaps it was a case of two keys mutually unlocking each other's soul. 257.

I have often been asked what gave me the courage and the hope to continue the peace negotiations in the face of so much terror and bloodshed. The answer is love. Even in the dephts of the wars, even in the deepest horror, I saw lovers kiss and parents hug their babies, I saw brothers and sisters laugh together and I saw enemy soldiers raise an orphaned child as their own. Love, this maddening, joyous creature of light - it refuses to die. So how could I give up? (From the private diaries of Adrian  Kenner: peace negotiator, Territorial Wars)

Love will find its way
Through paths where wolves would fear to prey
From The Giaour by Lord Byron

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