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Dragon's moon, di Lucy Monroe

Dragon's Moon (Children of the Moon, #4)Dragon's Moon by Lucy Monroe
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Maybe I was expecting too much for this I am now a little disappointed. The dragon shifter Eirik is ok, but not so original: usual alpha male. The lady...Ciara...well, I have a hard time to say some good thing of her. The ok, but no more. No humor (where are the rich and funny dialogues or scenes of the first two novels?), no sense of connection (like in the third novel), too much magic involved and not smart magic, simply aged one. The best moments are those in wich we can see characters of the previous books. Characters that I have liked much more. Maybe it will be the same with the next novels!

It' the fourth in the serie.
My rating for the other books:

Moon awakening, 4 stars (8/10)
Moon craving, 4 stars (8,5/10)
Moon burning, 4 stars (8/10)
Dragon's moon, 3 stars (7/10)
Warrior's moon, to read!

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