giovedì 26 giugno 2014

Private Practice, by Samanthe Beck

Private PracticePrivate Practice by Samanthe Beck
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Really funny and enriched with a lot of humor!
An enthralling and amusing read. The plot is not so new or innovative, but the writing is so fresh, the characters (Logan and Ellie) so clearly and vividly painted, the scenes and the plot so naturally definied that is a must-read for all romance lovers.
It is listed also as an erotic romance, but the sexy scenes are not at all invading, gross or too explicit. For me it's one of the more appreciated merits of this romance: the male character is refusing to do "something" to her (how refreshing!); the interaction between the sheets is done with more humor and funny remarks than detailed specifications; a lot of elements are referred as, for example, "chapter four-ing her", according to the book's chapters that Ellie wants to test.
The object of Ellie's desire is unobtainable, but she is the last character to discover that, in face of all the evidences; she is pursuing a project based only in a chatting overheard in a public place...but all these things make her not silly, but more loveable and sweet, thanks to the ability of Samanthe Beck. Brava!

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