sabato 14 giugno 2014

Suburban renewal, di Pamela Morsi

Suburban Renewal Suburban Renewal by Pamela Morsi
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a story about a family, but also about all the ties, lies, mediocrity, regrets, fears and gifts, self-giving times, hopes, reassurance and strength that every family is. The book is also interesting for the long time period in which the characters are followed, so it's like reading a summary of american history from the '70 to the '90, and it's a bonus for me.
Beautiful ending, with the revelation of a mistery, that brings the most tortured character to accept a glimpse of hope and develope a new understanding of himself.
And as in all the books of Pamela Morsi, deep insights and significant revelations appear in day-by-day life, from the mouths of people that are like us, for better or for worst.

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