lunedì 22 maggio 2017

Abandonment and trust issues

In an unprecedented burst of candor, I tell Connor an absolute lie that should be hard truth. "I don't think I'm interested."
"Why?" His eyebrows are up high, the expression on his face incredulous. "She's amazing."
Apparently, now that I've staked my position to Connor, I feel the need to defend it. "I've been burned before. Not interested in going there again."
"Burned? How?"
I give a sigh and brush my fingers through my hair. "Long story short, I had a girlfriend who dumped me when I came back with parts  of me left in the desert."
Connor winces, but I give  him the rest.
"My parents never came  to see me during my recovery; it was too much on them. I'm not keen on facing the whole potential for abandonment again."
Propping on his elbow, Connor levels me with a solemn look. "Christopher, I don't think them abandoning you had anything to do with your injuries. I think it had everything to do with the fact that they're the assholes. They're the ones who are deficient and weak - the ones who are broken."
"Maybe so," I say  in agreement. "But  it's sort of left me with trust issues."
It's a sympathetic look that Connor gives me. "And anger issues. No wonder you're an asshole. I totally understand it now through."

Sawyer Bennett, The Hard Truth About Sunshine

Immagine dalla mostra di fotografie di Daniel Hernandez-Salazar, Affinché tutti lo sappiano, Museo di Roma in Trastevere, estate 2016

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