domenica 21 maggio 2017


I've thought a lot about her words, and her meaning is quite simple. It's nothing more than finding the good in a situation and appreciating it with such passion that it makes up for the loss of other things. It's redirecting. Refocusing. Accepting.  Moving on.
All the things I've not even been able to start to comprehend  since I got out of the hospital. I don't understand how she's been able to do it, but I can't stop wondering.
What makes her stronger than me?

Sawyer Bennett, The Hard Truth About Sunshine

Sebeta, Etiopia, Monastero del Getsemani, Monaca ortodossa. Fotografia di Sebastiana Papa, dalla mostra Di Vari Credi, Museo di Roma in Trastevere, estate 2016.

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